The Building Bridges Scholarship Fund sponsors dozens of select students each year in the Pontiac, MI area, connecting them with high-quality high school education and putting them on the path to a college education.

As of the 2017 school year, the program supports 40 active high school students with scholarships to private schools. Since 2004, the fund has committed or allocated more than $1.5M for past and current students. 28 Building Bridges scholarship recipients are enrolled in or have graduated from a 4-year college.

100% of donated funds go to current and future recipients of Building Bridges scholarships. The program affords donors the unique opportunity to see exactly how their charitable donations are being spent.

Building Bridges is proud and grateful to be working in partnership with Notre Dame Preparatory School which has generously pledged to match tuition funding for our scholarship recipients, thereby reducing costs and opening their doors for more students to benefit from our mission.

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